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Just what it says…


He makes my head spin and my heart race. He’s everything i need and everything I dreamed of. Forever together xxx 
I love you

This happened this weekend!!

iullia-gabriella asked: Every time i get bad comments about me dating my boyfriend, every time my family tell me that they don't agree with me dating this guy ... i come here, read the messages, look at the pictures and i automatically feel better. Thank you! You don't know how much support u can give through this blog to all these interracial couples. :D

awwww this is such a a sweet and heartwarming message. I really love this message and how you just made me feel :’) No problem the whole point of this blog was to support and appreciate the love that there is between interracial couples. I’m really glad that looking at my blog makes you feel better! :D You and your boyfriend are beautiful together and deserve everlasting happiness. I am always here for you don’t ever forget that <3 :D Thank you for this sweet message I really appreciate it !